Supervison Review Process


Supervision Review has a twofold purpose:
1. Informal reviews to ensure the supervisee is getting the maximum benefit from the time s/he spends  in supervision and to develop the use of supervision.
2. Formal reviews to provide the basis for a report and accountability to any third party to the supervision contract, such as the employing organisation .
1. Informal reviews

 Here is a suggested process for informal review:

a) The supervisee identifies:

  • 3 pieces of feedback to GIVE the Supervisor and
  • 3 things s/he would like feedback on FROM the supervisor.

b) The supervisor takes these away and reflects upon them and at the next session responds.

This process is focused on the Spervisee's needs, and provides an opportunity to give clear feedback and to develop an ever more constructive working relationship.


2. Formal Reviews:
These will be conducted in line with the terms of the contract, usually  on an annual basis. It is helpful if these reviews are completed in time to inform annual appraisals, and that in turn, the results of the appraisal, the professional development plan, is then brought to supervision. 
The Formal Review will be a discussion between the Supervisor and Supervisee, and sometimes the Employing Agency, based on the format agreed in the contract;   the Reporting Format is  provided either by the Supervisor or by the employing organisation.
As a result we may decide to  do some things differently:
  • set new goals
  • change some of the ways we work together
  • review the contract altogether,
  • decide that it is time for the supervisee to move to a new supervisor