Supervision Contracting Process


Our Supervision Contract will be negotiated using the appropriate template from those provided , or the employing agencies own template with the addition of any further information required by the Supervisor.

Guidelines for Completion

1.         3- way External Supervision Contract template (face to face):

this agreement formalises supervision arrangements between the Supervisee, Supervisee’s Employer, and the Supervisor describing the responsibilities and expectations between the 3 parties.

a)      Supervisor & Supervisee discuss the contract (no fee for initial consultation )

b)      The Supervisee discusses the contract with his/her Line manager.

c)       The Line manager:

May request initial meeting with Supervisor and Supervisee in which organisational and supervisee requirements and goals can be identified (no fee).

Completes all the sections marked *.

Approves and signs the contract and make 2 additional copies.

Attaches required reporting format.

Indicates attendance record requirements.

Returns the original and 2 copies to the supervisee for signing.

d)      Supervisee :

signs and takes /sends 3 copies to Supervisor for signing.

e)      Supervisor and Supervisee together develop working agreement which will support the Supervisee’s learning style and particular goals and needs.

f)       Supervisor: signs and returns copies to


Line Manager (for Staff File)

2.         Private 2-way Supervision Contract Template.

this Contract is used when an individual is contracting supervision privately with the supervisor, and no 3rd party is involved.

a)      Supervisor & Supervisee discuss the contract template and negotiate the details (no fee for initial consultation ) .

b)      Supervisor and Supervisee complete and sign the Contract and each hold a copy.

3.         Distance Supervision Contract

(skype, email) .

As for 1 or 2 above, but using Distance Supervision Templates .

4.         Group Supervision Contract.

As for 1 and/or 2 above using Group Supervision Contract Template.