In-house Professional Development Workshops

These are primarily brief, practical, experiential workshops for Staff meetings and trainings. They are designed to enhance team building and encourage people to get back in touch with what they know & apply it, perhaps in a different context.
They could be extended to more in depth seminars if required.
Duration:  1-1 1/2 hours
Location:  organised by your organisation, using your venue, or off site (includes additional venue hire)
Fee:           $150.00,  or as negotiated.
Existing Workshops
Attending to Group Process - Effective Leadership & Participation in teams and groups, Matching behaviour & expectations to the stage of the group.
Professional Accommodation Syndrome - recognising signs of Professional Dangerousness; establishing Safe Practice.
Making the most of Supervision - internal & external- establishing Agency Policy & Practice and basic frameworks .
Cognitive and Learning Styles - self & other awareness, working with difference and blocks.
Managing the "Love Factor" - from selfcare to burnout.
Crisis Intervention - when is a crisis not a crisis?
Introduction to Circle of Courage
Drama triangles - recognising parallel process. Click here for Workshop Flyer.
Or as required - by  consultation :  Contact