Living our Lives with Courage

Seeking the Courage to Grow helps us to learn about ourselves, about our practice, and about others.
Having Courage to Grow assists us to develop integrity in the transactions between the personal, professional and public arenas of our lives.
The aim of Courage to Grow is personal growth for ourselves, and the enhanced ability to make a positive contribution to the lives and growth of others.
'Courage' is different from 'bravery', Courage requires us to reflect and learn, not simply to 'Act'.
To engage in such reflection requires Courage.
To walk beside others on their journeys also requires courage.
Many people admire the courage of intrepid explorers and adventurers.
I believe that those who stay put and engage in the exploration of interior worlds, and in the challenges of social issues, change and wellbeing, also draw on deep reservoirs of courage.
When we ask courage of those we support to make personal journeys of change, then we must also be able to find it in ourselves.
'Courage to Grow' seeks to strengthen the elements of courage by supporting engagement in challenging activities whether physical, social, psychological, emotional or spiritual.
In her book, Forgiveness and other Acts of Love, Stephanie Bowrick identifies six virtues which we need to cultivate to grow, and to heal, to love ourselves, and others. We need to exercise these virtues towards others, and towards ourselves. The virtues, which are found and valued universally, across cultures, are: Forgiveness, Courage, Constraint, Tolerance, Restraint, Fidelity.